Tari Vid Idobozi i, One Of Jetheights Professional Online Editors Celebrate Her Birthday

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Tari Vid Idobozi i, One Of Jetheights Professional Online Editors Celebrate Her Birthday

As usual Jetheights Services celebrates another staff, the birthday lady, Tari Vid Idobozi is one of the brilliant, intelligent and professional online editors Jetheights Services is glad and proud to have as one of its employees.

Tari Vid Idobozi who joined the organization few months ago as a corp member has grown tremendously in vast knowledge, expertise and experience.

The excited celebrant, gave a word of appreciation after the whole eating, drinking and receiving hugs from her colleagues, here are some amazing comments from some of her colleagues:


Ogunsina Matthew: “She is a quite girl and an introvert and that is some of the attributes i love about her, Happy birthday to you Tari””

Sonowo OlumideTari can be annoying at times, in fact most times, but when you see a very reserved girl, Tari is the girl, Happy birthday to you dearie….lnp

Oche Eunice: “My cool, calm and gentle colleague, i wish you the very best in life and prosperity.”



Ossai Philip“She is cool and easy going, Happy birthday to you Tari”

Olusola Victory: “Happy birthday to you Tari, many more prosperous year”

Lasode Damilola“She is a gentle lady and i wish her a happy birthday”



Ogunfowora Rasheed“Happy birthday Tari, may God bless you abundantly, i like her because she is gentle but i dont like the fact that she ignores people when they talk to her, happy birthday to you once again.

Linus Felicia: “She is a very kind and easy going girl, happy birthday to you girl”


Olaniyi Deborah: “Tari is an easy going girl, i wish her all the best in life as she celebrates her birthday”

Adewale Kehinde: “Happy birthday to Tari, may you live long to declare the glory of the lord in the land of the living. (Amen)

The celebrant said this in her own words ” I appreciate all my colleagues for their love and kindness towards me, i also appreciate the fact that they celebrated my day with me, God bless you all.

Furthermore, the celebrant also gave a word of appreciation towards the C.E.O, she said in her own words “ I want to use this privilege to thank you sir for all your good words and encouragement, Thank you very much for your care and support sir”



As they say; “Happy employees begat Great companies” , When employees feel great about themselves, experience love and growth in their respective personal lives, the company will keep soaring.

Jetheights Services Limited…BIG on INNOVATION!!!

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